5 Truths About Affiliate Marketing That No One Talks About


Affiliate marketing secrets that the pro bloggers are hiding from you. Before you decide to begin affiliate marketing, read this

We are half way through September, and I have taken in my monthly dose of bloggers income report. I usually enjoy reading these reports because it gets me pumped and motivated to kick ass on a slow day, I also like figuring out how bloggers make xxx in their first month of blogging. If you are anything like me ( you enjoy reading income reports and have gone through over a 100 of them this year), then you would know that affiliate income accounts for 60% of bloggers revenue.



As a newbie blogger, you would think that all it took was to sign up for affiliate programs, add a few links, and watch the money roll in. If you have ever imagined it to be like that, then I am here to slap you back to reality.

I started using affiliate links on my blog after launching it and here are some of the no-bullshit truths about affiliate marketing


You WILL NOT make millions or thousands in the first few months

It is easy to get carried away with the figures you see on few bloggers income report, but the harsh truth is you won’t be making thousands of dollars in the first few months. Most bloggers advocate for certain affiliate programs which may or may not be ideal for your audience. Affiliate marketing takes time and except you have the perfect audience, making huge profits from it will be hard(not complicated, but hard)

Amazon Affiliate Commission sucks, you can do without it

When I first heard of affiliate marketing, I searched Google, and most of the results were articles that praised Amazon affiliate( that was in 2015, and times have changed). I am not here to discourage you, but honestly, you wouldn’t make 1000$ from Amazon affiliate except you have massive traffic, sell expensive products and rank on Google’s first page. Why? Amazon affiliate commission is little (4%).

Let us do the maths

If you are a beauty blogger and you happen to link to a primer on Amazon that costs $10, your affiliate commission will be $0.4. That is, for each sale you refer, you will be making 4 cents. To make $100, you will need to refer approximately 200 sales. Now, if your blog has 1000 monthly page views, the probability of referring that amount of sales is very low,

Based on the number of sales you refer, you stand the chance of getting up to 7.5% commission per sale. And even at 7.5% commission per sale, you will still need to refer over 100 sales to make $100.

Not every audience is ideal for affiliate marketing

If you run a viral style blog ( top ten way to xxx, ten clothes to wear for xxx), you will be better off monetizing your blog with every kind of ad network you can lay your hands on. People who read viral/listicle blogs only want to get entertained. They are skimming through pictures and words without any intention of making a purchase.

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Your size of traffic matters

If you are a lifestyle blogger with 3000 monthly page views, and you start affiliate marketing, you wouldn’t be making as much as the other lifestyle blogger with over 50,000 page views (all things being equal) The size of your audience does matter when it comes to affiliate marketing.

You need a lot of patience

You need to be patient with the process of monetizing through affiliate links, It is not a get rich quick scheme, and the kind of results you may be expecting wouldn’t be what you get.

You will feel like a failure

The moment you throw a couple of affiliate links into your post and check your dashboard to see that you’ve made only $0.00 so far, you will feel like a failure. You would presume you are doing something wrong and start beating yourself down over nothing.

If you are currently feeling this way, you need to snap out of it before you lose your mind. You also need to get your expectation straight and realize that blog monetization takes a while.

I would love to hear what your experience with affiliate marketing has been

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Affiliate marketing secrets that the pro bloggers are hiding from you. Before you decide to begin affiliate marketing, read this

7 Things To Do When You Feel like Giving Up On Your Blog

Related Post: 20 Things To Do When Your Blog Doesn’t Make You Money



  1. LOL, yup, that sounds about right! The only thing I’ll say to defend Amazon is that you do get commission on anything a person buys on the site using one of your links to get there, so there is the chance that the $20 mascara you linked could turn into a $5000 sofa 😀 😀

    I think we have to accept that it takes time. I had 10,000 views in my first month on the test blog I started up in June, but got no affiliate income at all. That said, I did learn how to use affiliate links, test a few things out and get more familiar with how it all works. Patience, I’m told, is a virtue, lmao!

    Stick with it, I plan to 😀 😀

    • Lol. I do plan to stick with blogging and I have made some affiliate sales. I just want the new bloggers to realize that it is more than tossing links in a post.

  2. I can safely say I have made nothing so far with affiliate marketing 🙁

  3. The truth comes out. Thanks for this post.

  4. Right with ya about the Amazon Sales. They STINK! lol

  5. This is so true! I have yet to make any money from Amazon Affiliate sales and I’ve been an affiliate for over a year! I get a decent number of people clicking on the links, but no sales.

    • You should look at other affiliate programs. I have never been a fan of Amazon, and I don’t think I ever will. Have you tried ShareASale? You could also start using affiliate links on Pinterest

  6. Thanks for the info! I hope to start affiliate marketing soon and this helped a ton.

  7. Thanks for this article. I have read a lot about affiliate programs, so I knew it wouldn’t be a get rich quick option. Luckily I am naturally patient and i’m employed full time, so i have time to learn/do a lot more to my blog, and for my blog to get the required amount of views/traffic to make some decent income.

  8. I think it’s great that you brought up some real truths about affiliate marketing. It’s definitely not easy!

  9. This is fab! If I had a penny every time I saw a newbie blogger getting frustrated because they’re not making thousands in their first month of blogging, I’d have made way more money than I have with affiliate marketing.. 😀

  10. I definitely needed this post today. Thank you for the motivation to continue <3

  11. I have been looking into affiliate marketing, but know it is a lot of work so I am doing as much research as possible. Thanks for sharing this.

    @stylingsofstacey | http://staceylyynn.wixsite.com/stylingsofstacey

  12. This is great advice! I’ve been blogging for about 3 years and two weeks ago I was at my level of discourgment! What I decided to do was take a break and come up with some ideas. I feel much better and I have more participation on my site!

  13. THANK YOU for this!! Most articles on Pinterest are very misleading in this area. I appreciate your honesty.

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