How To Start A Profitable Blog

Step by step guide to starting a blog that makes you money. Start a blog with ease and make your first $1k blogging. How to start a blog with siteground, how to start a blog on WordPressIf you have decided to start a self-hosted blog on or before 2018, then this post is for you.


Hello, My name is Anne, and I am going to show you the basics of starting a blog on Inmotion. My blog is hosted on Inmotion and that is the hosting company I will recommend. When I wanted to start a blog, I read reviews on different hosting options like Siteground and Bluehost. It took me two months to finally settle with a hosting company that would be suitable for my needs,

A good number of bloggers recommend Siteground and Bluehost to beginner bloggers. I initially wanted to settle for Siteground because the reviews looked promising. But I didn’t. I had big plans for my blog, and my main struggle was getting a hosting plan that would accommodate growth. You see, I have hopes that my blog will go viral one day (insert smile) I wanted a hosting plan that would accomodate that surge of traffic when it happens.

Why I Don’t Fancy Bluehost Or Siteground

First of all, the people who use Bluehost regularly complain of downtimes. From the reviews I read, their customer service isn’t anything to write home about. I have a soft spot for companies who take time to listen to their paying customers.

Siteground, on the other hand, is a good company with good customer support( from what I have read) The only problem with Siteground is that they have a low CPU second per account. I would not bore you with the technicalities of this term, but what this means is that if you exceed a certain amount of visitors, your site will shut down.

When you go through Siteground hosting packages, you will realize that their shared plans are only good for either 10,000, 25,000 visitors. Once you exceed this, you will get an email like the one below.

Some people also experienced downtime without exceeding the number of visitors. I went through the comment section of a Siteground review, and 90% of the comments were from users who had terrible Siteground experience.


If you are just starting out as a blogger, getting a shared hosting plan is efficient, and Inmotion gives you the best value for your money. I have never experienced any downtime, and when I run into any problem, their customer service fixes it for me ASAP. Inmotion hosting packages are slightly above the regular $2.95 hosting you see around. Their CPU seconds per account is much higher, and I think the price is justified. You ill get more value for your money.

Setting Up Your WordPress Blog On Inmotion

inmotion hosting plans

Head over to Inmotion and choose a plan. There are three plans for a business account. The Power, The Launch and The Pro. You can start with The Launch plan, and you will get 40% off your order.


You get a discount when you purchase through this link

Choose a domain name

Inmotion hosting plan

What name would you like to use? Getting a domain name on Inmotion account as a first time user is free, subsequent payment is $14/yr.

Get domain privacy

Except you want random marketers calling and pitching you unnecessary services, you should grab the domain privacy plan for only 9.99/yr and enjoy peace of mind.

Complete the order and Click the Install WordPress button to have your new blog

How To Start WordPress Blog

That’s it, you now have a blog

What to do next and how to access your new blog

Once you have completed your order, check for the Welcome email from Inmotion. Inside the welcome email, you will click on ‘Login to Administration Dashboard.’

Copy the Username and Password in the email. You will use the information to log into your account.

Once you are inside the WordPress dashboard, you can set up pages, categories, and install the necessary plugins and themes. If you want to beautify your site, you can watch Youtube videos that will guide you on how to do it.

Why I love Inmotion

What I like the most about them is support superior quality in the native language.

They also offer free website migration with no downtime & renews your domain for free. If you don’t wish to renew your existing domain, you can always get one free domain with your hosting purchase. I would suggest getting hosting for 2-3 years from them to make most out of it. Aside from that, they offer free SSL certificate on shared plans and also walk you through your blog setup.

Sign up for Inmotion Hosting– Discounted Link

Once you set up your blog, you can go ahead to publish your first post.


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