What I Learned From Taking $5000 Worth Of Online Courses

Best online courses for business and best online courses for bloggers. If you are looking or tips of various online courses, read this post. How can you tell if an online course is right for you? There are so many bad courses out there, don't fall for the scam.

I have taken over $5,000 worth of online courses over the last two years. I am what you’d call a digital product junkie, and I quickly fall for well-written sales pages. For the last couple of years, I have taken courses on Sales funnel, advertising, copywriting, blog traffic, to even dropshipping. I am currently on the hunt for a course that break down the whole promoted pins thingy ( if you know of anyone, link it in the comment)

After consuming $5,000 worth of online products, here are a few lessons I think I should share


Information Overload is a Disease

And like every other illness, it needs special treatment and medical attention. Aside from the numerous premium courses I took, there were free webinars, PDF’s and Checklist that were in my drive. I absorbed too much information and here’s what happened.

I was all over the place and wanted to do everything.

I became a wreck because I knew too much and wasn’t actually putting what I learned to practice

I was so confused and occasionally disoriented. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life anymore.

Most digital products are overpriced BS

Shout out to all the course creators who are making products of value; I respect you; I appreciate you, and this isn’t a shade to anyone ( except the BS course authors of course). There’s nothing as annoying as spending your hard earned money on a course that contains information that can be accessed freely online. There’s a process of course creation that many course creators skip, and it took a post by Arne to make me understand why most courses are crap

The Divine Order Of Creating A Kick-Ass Course according to successful course creator

1. Do a thing that most people can’t/won’t do

2. Show other people you did the thing successfully

3. Inspire them and show them they can also do the thing

4. Sell a training/coaching on how to do the thing

5. Get people results by helping them do the thing, collect testimonials and have proof of those results.

6. Show other people that your students/clients did the thing thanks to your training, and point at the results.

7. Keep telling more people that they too, can do the thing.

8. Sell a boatload of courses/coaching. Sound right?

Before you buy an online course, you should take out time to make research and really understand what you are buying. Money doesnt come easy and it hurts to get ripped.

One Course may be Better than Ten Courses Combined

Seriously, one right course is better than 10 crappy courses. I got so much value from a $197 course than a course of $497. Again, only buy courses that you think are suitable or ideal for you.

Reviews can be Altered

I worked on Upwork as a freelancer, and I have learned to believe everything I read online. Why? Some of the jobs I did on Upwork involved writing positive product reviews and distributing them. If you are buying an online course that has its affiliate program opened t any tom rick and harry, you should take every review with a pinch of salt, why? People are bound to sing praises of the most worthless item if they are getting a commission for it. There are types of online courses you should be buying, seriously. The best place to find course reviews will be in online forums.

Focus is Ideal

Do you need to learn how to increase blog traffic, monetize and grow your email list? If you can find a course that brings this all together in one piece, go for it. If you cant, do not buy three different courses. Ask yourself what yyou need help with the most and buy a course that handles that problem,

Premium and Exclusive are just Words

Courses that are tagged premium or exclusive do not necessarily mean that they contain useful information or that they are ideal for you. Most creators use such phrases to justify the exorbitant prices they charge. In marketing, there are emotional keywords and phrases that you can add to copy to increase the chances of someone buying from you.

Some courses are Gold

The best person to buy a course from is one who gives so much free information. Why? That way you can be sure that you will get a good return for your money. I have noticed that the people who give so much value often create a course around the free information they offered alongside a mind-blowing tip. The mind blowing tip is just in one chapter, but it brings together all the amazing free information they have given. It is for this reason that I will keep taking online courses.

Have you taken an online course that was worth the price or just a terrible investment? Do share your experience below.

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  1. I’m a serial course taker as well. What I’ve learned is that I’m an easy sell! LOL

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