Module 2: How To Write A Proposal That Wins Client

How to write a proposal and make $1,000 monthly

As a newbie on Upwork, getting your first client doesn’t have to be difficult. Clients are looking for freelancers who care about their project and can help them move forward.

Once upon a time, my sister was unable to get any client to hire her for $25/hr. I took a look at her Upwork Proposal and told her how crappy it was–because it was crappy

Here’s what the initial proposal looked like


The problem with this was simple, it was dull, generic, all about herself, and wasn’t personal.

When you go online, there are so many templates of Upwork Proposals that you can copy/edit. For the love of God, do not copy those things.

A good proposal should not be all about yourself, your skills and how many years you’ve been doing what you are doing. That was how my sister wrote her proposals and getting jobs was difficult for her.

When writing a proposal, you should speak to your client. You should talk to them in friendly tones; show them how you can help them with their projects.

Once my sister changed up the way she sent proposals, she got a job for $50/hr

Here was the proposal she submitted

good sample of an Upwork Proposal

In the proposal above, she was able to;

-Prove her qualification by sending over samples of similar articles she had written.

-She offered her clients tons of helpful advice to spice up his site and get traffic. By doing this, she showed the client how much she cared about his success.

-She spoke to him in a friendly conversational tone.

The result? She got the job without passing through an interview! If you want a client to hire you, show them that you are qualified to handle their job. Show them, don’t tell them.

One time, I saw a job post for a gardening article, I had no sample or anything related to gardening, but I applied for the job and got it.


Growing up, my grandmother had a garden, and we would always help her with it. I told the client just how much I loved gardens and gave him a few suggestions on how to go about with his project.

He replied me instantly saying he loved the fact that I had a natural passion for gardening and gave me the job. Show your clients proof of your ability and have them hire you with ease.

 When applying for jobs on Upwork, you stand a higher chance of getting the job if you send a sample similar to what your client is looking for.

The picture below is a sample job posting on Upwork. The client is seeking people who are experienced with wigs. When sending a proposal, you should attach a sample that is hair related.

sample job posting upwork

If you do not have a written sample yet, here are some ideas you could use to create one in minutes

-Pictures of you in different kind of wigs to show you are a wig lover

-A short video of you holding a wig and talking about it.

– A short paragraph talking about your favorite wig style and texture ( this will show you know what you are talking about)

Word of warning: DO NOT write a complete piece for any client as a sample. Some clients may take your work and run off without paying you. Do not also agree to do a free test job for any client.

Once you have your profile ready and drafted your ideal proposal, you are ready for the final phase

 Module 3: How To Take Your Freelance Career To The Next Level

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