20+ Things To Do If You Are Not Making Any Money From Your Blog

if you've ever wondered if you can make money blogging, read this post.

Blogging is a way to earn a decent income online without slaving away at a regular 9-5. However, it is not a hustle that will put millions on the table within the first few months. Some bloggers start to earn from the first month of launching their blog, however, this not a rule but an exception.

Blogging isn’t scientific and no formula or equation will determine how soon and how much you can earn from your blog. While there are thousands of bloggers making a staggering amount of money online each month, there are also millions of bloggers struggling to make their first penny.

Not making enough money or any money from your blog can be demoralizing and frustrating that is why I have compiled a list of things you could do as you go through the “no-money-from-blog” period.

Phase 1

1) Stop blaming yourself

Really, stop it right now. You are not an awful blogger.  You are not average. You are very much relevant. You are not at fault. There is nothing wrong with you. I remember when I used to work as a freelancer on Upwork, once I had a proposal rejected; I blamed myself and felt inadequate. All that I got after the blame game was a loss of belief in my abilities.

2) Stop comparing yourself to others

It makes no sense comparing yourself to the bloggers earning thousands of dollars from their blog.  For one, your blogging journey is not the same as theirs, and for all you know, they may have been around longer than you. Do not compare your page 1 to someone’s page 100. You will end up depressed and frustrated.

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Rather than comparing yourself to other people, focus on your journey and make it better.

3) Don’t buy into the hype

Stop buying the hype that says “blogging is the easiest way to make money online.” Blogging is ONE OF THE WAYS to make money online. It is not an easy or short route to anything. Most of the successful bloggers you admire put hard work into their blog, they were persistent and consistent.

4) Quit obsessing over it

You stay up all night worried about why your blog isn’t bringing in money.  You go out to hang with friends, and all you can seem to wonder about is why you are still broke even after starting a blog. That’s obsession, and it will ruin you. Take a moment to breathe and stop worrying; it fixes nothing. Obsession takes a lot of mental energy and alters life balance. You need to find peace with yourself and accept the fact that things may not always go the way you plan.

5) Be positive

 Have a positive mind; no matter the situation you find yourself in, always strive to find the good side. Don’t let frustration make you blind to all the wonderful things that have happened to you so far.

6) Affirm

Once you begin blaming yourself for your present situation, negativity and self-sabotage sets in. If you want to earn money from your blog, you have to be in a good and positive place. Affirmations are positive talks that will counteract the negative things you have come to believe about yourself and your business ( blog).

Whenever I pray, I spend a good amount of time speaking positive things that I want. Affirmations will help you actualize your goals and boost the confidence you may have lost in yourself.


7)  Define your goal

Are you just blogging without a purpose? Saying you want to be rich from blogging isn’t a goal; it is just a wish. A goal is something you will like to achieve at a specified date. I want $50 by the end of September—that’s a goal.

If you do not have a goal for your blog, I want you to open a notepad and write out what you will love to achieve this week and in a year’s time from your blog?

8) Be Realistic

150 million page views and $10, 000 will not happen in your first month of blogging. Setting goals are great, but you have to be realistic. Although you may not make $10,000 in your first month of launching your blog, you can get 10,000 page views.

9) Break down your goal

Break down your goal into bits and figure out how you will bring them to life. If you want to grow your email list, draw up a plan. How will you promote your blog? What kind of lead magnet will you use? A goal will remain notes in a journal if there’s no plan to bring it to life.

10) Stick to your plan

No matter what happens, stick to your plan. If you have a daily or weekly planner, write down your ideas and hold yourself accountable to it. Successful people are known for sticking to their plans and forging ahead. Being successful comes with a price, are you ready to pay the price?


Your mind is in the right place, and you know what you want. What next?

12) Show up

Show up every single day for the next one year.  Do not quit or throw in the towel. I am always wary of starting a new project which I cannot dedicate one year of my life to. Blogging is a project that needs time to yield results.

13) Practice patience

Come to terms with the fact that making an income from your blog will take time. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey. There is no competition, and it is not a race

14)  Declutter your blog

In an attempt to make some quick cash, you may have promoted products that you don’t believe in or have any experience with. Once you have defined your goal and understood your path, go through your blog and delete every single post that doesn’t resound with your vision or brand.

15) Find an accountability buddy

Stop trying to do it all alone. Find someone who will keep you accountable throughout your journey. Someone who will check in on you and offer you advises when needed.  Don’t have one? Join supportive Facebook groups and connect with other bloggers.


This phase is all about growing your blog, increasing views and converting readers.

16) Engage with your existing readers

People will buy from you if they like you. Focus on building a relationship with your current readers. Engage with each reader that comments on your posts; build a relationship, provide valuable contents for free and earn your readers trust.

17) Guest post on other sites

Want other people to hear what you have to say? Try guest posting on other websites. It will surprise you to learn that there are lots of blogs looking for people to submit original articles.  While some pay for these submissions, other just grant you good exposure.

18) Comment on other blogs

Commenting on other people’s posts is one of the ways you can gain exposure and reach a new audience. When commenting on other blogs, leave good feedbacks and be ready to engage with other readers who reply to your comments.

19) Choose a different monetization strategy

If you have been using CPC ads like AdSense and the likes without results, you should look into affiliate marketing or direct selling. If one type of monetization fails, try another one.

Phase 5

Survival mode. What can do to earn money in the meantime?

20) Pick a side hustle

Blogging is not the only way you can make money online. Try doing something on the side to cover your expenses while you wait for your blog. Asides from blogging, freelancing is a good way to earn a decent income. I was able to make $13k in Upwork without having any experience. The best part of freelancing is this; for every post you write, you will get paid.

21) Celebrate small victories

No matter how small it is, celebrate whatever success you recorded on your blog weekly. Did you get one new subscriber? Celebrate it!

22) Be Grateful

 Gratitude goes a long way and makes everything appear better. Before you go to bed, list 5 things you are grateful for (make sure to include your blog) You will wake up feeling happy and motivated to tackle the days’ task.



  1. Great tips. That stick with it part is what I think will work most for me. I believe that if I work on this tirelessly, I can make this happen!

  2. All great advice. I am really struggling with a lot of this right now. I’m trying to make changes, here and there but it has been extremely frustrating. My blog has never seen over 100 views in a day and in fact, most days it barely gets over 20. I am determined to stick with it and write good content so hopefully, when I hit a year, I can see real results at least in my traffic.

    • Don’t give up Crystal. Keep writing awesome contents and join many Facebook promo threads to promote your content.

  3. I needed to hear this…. I am still struggling, trying to compare myself with other people. Thank you for these tips, will be really useful especially on affirmation during prayers. Great post. 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post! I am a beginner at blogging and this week is my second week and this post contained some very important information and helped encouraged me to be patient. Thank you for writing this.

  5. Love this! I am not trying to monetize my blog yet, but I must say it may get hard sometimes when you are not attracting that much traffic and getting paid the same time. Thanks for the motivation!

  6. I love this. I fee like every blog is different. At one point I was comparing myself to others so I wasn’t creating content like I felt like I should. Now I’m a year in and I’m starting to make money. It may not be as much as others I see but it’s good for me now. The rest will come.

    • When I began blogging I also compared myself to other bloggers and tried to make my content similar to theirs. I am still trying to find my voice and make this blog mine. Congratulations on monetizing your blog too.

  7. Thank you for this. I’ve had plenty of moments when I’ve wondered if all this effort and money into the blog and have only made less than $10. I’ve invested in trainings, products, and services, including ones that charge a monthly fee, and I’m hoping someday sooner rather than later I’ll be able to recoup that investment and make an income. Your post makes me hopeful again.

  8. I agree! Buying into the hype can make you feel worse. The main point to know is that you work hard and what happens will happen! You will be rewarded for your success at the end of the day

  9. Great advice! One other item I would like to suggest is to create a content calendar (I created a blog post about this as well). This will help you stay organized while creating a content library with evergreen material that you can share in the future. The one I created allows me to keep track of my progress as well (I like keeping everything in one spot). I think every blogger can benefit from having a content calendar.

  10. Hey, such a nice blog post on blogging ,
    But i do struggling making money online since three months

  11. I love this post because it doesn’t share a million other ways to make money, but, how to MAKE SURE YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THINGS! People are always so quick to blame any and everything around them but don’t want to look within. Great post.

  12. Patience is key! A lot of new bloggers expect to make money right off the bat when that is rarely the case. These are great tips and I hope some struggling bloggers get to read it for some valuable insight!

  13. Thanks for the tips. It’s hard not too blame yourself or even not be obsessed by it (we all want success after all)… Doing this 4 years but still not there yet!

  14. Great post! Blogging is so much harder than I thought it would be. I have found that I need to be patient and be persistent. I have found that setting small goals helps keep me energized and focused.

  15. I LOVE your post. My blog is very new and I have not yet monetized in any way. That was never the purpose of starting my blog, yet it is something I am interested in. I found each and every one of your tips/suggestions excellent advice. I am a positive person by nature, but I also know how easily I can become disenchanted. I needed to read this. Thank you!

  16. This post is just what I needed to hear! So easy to get yourself down, especially when you see so many successful bloggers out there! i like what you are saying about guest posting, that definitely seems like a cool option to gauge new followers!

  17. Thank you for these . I’m struggling to make consistent money from my blog, so I needed to read this! I know I definitely need to apply some of these tips 🙂

  18. Thanks for the heads up about Upworks. I’ve never heard of it but will definitely look into it

  19. Hey Anne, I like all of your advice here. Definitely money is one of those things that’s do-able with anything as long as you can create value over a sustained period of time. That said, I always tell people if you want quick cash with close to zero risk, then driving for Lyft/Uber is probably your best bet. Because you can do that right away and start making money immediately, with zero upfront work. Whereas something like a blog, it can take you years to make anything meaningful. So the heart needs to be in it. And it also needs to be treated like a business (if money is a main objective); since most businesses take a while to turn a profit. Doesn’t happen for a few years, typically.

  20. It motivate me!! Thanks, sometime i feel down with the monetizing my blog but like u said be positive so i will do like that 🙂 thanks for sharing this post

  21. You said everything I needed to hear. It is easier to quit but so worthwhile when you stay the course. My computer lost all mt info. I could’ve cried about it but I didn’t. I’m going to keep pushing. Thank you!

  22. This is the best thing I’ve read. And at exactly the right time. Really resonated with me. So grateful. So well written. The struggle is reallllly real. 😩

  23. This is some really great information that can help bloggers at any stage.

  24. Thank you for this post. I am struggling to get the money making thing down. This is helpful.

  25. Thank you so much for this post. It is so encouraging and was greatly needed! I have had a slow start to my blog and this makes me want to keep going!

  26. Thanks for the useful tips. I have just started my blog. I’ll have to be patient with it and focus on creating great content in the meantime.

  27. Great article. I needed this. Thanks

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