7 Things To Do When You Feel Like Quitting On Your Blog

If you feel like giving up, read this.

To anyone who wants to give up,

Giving up is easier than sticking to anything. I have given up on so many things in life because it was easy to give up. Starting out a new business or blog is very exciting for the first three weeks. After a while, reality sets in and you come to see that there are two sides to the coin.

You realize that getting traffic and monetizing your blog is not as easy as they make it seem, so you give up on trying.

Everyone has bills to pay, mouth to feed and numerous expenses to cover. It is safe to say that lack of money is one of the reasons people quit on their business.

I have owned four blogs before Weird Hacks. I deleted two ( which were hosted on Blogspot), and I let the other two expire.

If you are considering quitting your small business or blog, then here are a few things you should do instead

1) write down your WHY

Why do you want to quit? Why do you want to throw in the towel?

Be honest with yourself and spell it out correctly. To solve a problem, you must admit you have a problem.

Most blog owners decide to quit for the following reasons

Not Making money from their blog
Not getting traffic
Not feeling motivated
Not getting people to subscribe to their newsletters

Whatsoever your reasons are, I want you to write it down now.

2) Go back to your initial Why

Why did you start a blog? Why did you pay for that hosting? Why did you start writing a post?
It is easy to lose focus on the initial reason why we began something.

If your sole focus for starting a blog is to make money, then you may end up losing motivation to continue when the money doesn’t come.

3) Talk to someone

I get it; you are discouraged, overwhelmed and feel like you are walking on thin ice. It is easy to get through this phase if you have someone to pull you up.

Connect with other entrepreneurs, people and bloggers in your niche. Come out from that solitary confinement and enjoy the company of individuals who are succeeding.  You are not an island, and you can’t do it alone.

If you do not have anyone to talk to, then join a support group on Facebook. Don’t know which group to join, then check out this list of 10 support groups on Facebook to join.

4) Prepare yourself

Do you want to quit because you are overwhelmed and not making enough money? If yes, quitting is not the answer to your problem. What you need is just a change in equipment.

Blogging is not a day’s job. You have to create a lead magnet, create autoresponders, design graphics, repin contents, comment on another blog, apply for guest posting opportunities, design e-books and launch a product.  All these can get overwhelming for you, especially, if you want to do it all yourself.  Once you are overwhelmed and discouraged, you start looking for an exit route– quitting.

Rather than quit, prepare yourself by getting help and delegating duties. If you are already making money from your blog/business, why quit when you can just scale things up?

Don’t do it all, get help. Hire a virtual assistant to carry out certain duties and use proper marketing tools to automate the process for you.

5) Change your mentality and practice gratitude

Stop focusing on all the wrong things and start seeing the good side. Your problems wouldn’t vanish by being nervous & anxious.

If you look hard enough, you will see the good side to things. You need a positive mindset to get up when you fall

6) Find a belayer

A belayer is a person who controls the safety rope for a climber. Who is your belayer? Who is the person that keeps cheering you on? Who advises you when things go wrong? Who tells you what next to do?

If you do not have one, get one now. A belayer can be your sibling, your parent or someone who has journeyed the same path you have.

7) Remember you are not alone

You are not a failure for having the desire to give up. Most of the successful people you admire today probably wanted to give up when things got tough.


We all have reasons for wanting to give up on things we start: businesses, relationships and life in general. Some times, a little more faith in yourself and persistence is all you need to shoot us up onto the stars.

Have you ever felt like giving up on anything? Do let me know in the comment box below.


  1. Good advice. I have probably thought about quitting everyday since I started, but need to just hang in there!

  2. I love this post! I know sometimes we can wonder if our information as bloggers, is useful to others. We hit a brick wall and lose creativity and it’s hard to push forward.
    I do believe that everyone has valuable information to share with someone even if it’s with just one other person. That to me is worth it. As a blogging community we can push each other forwards in those hard days.

  3. These are all wonderful ideas. I think all bloggers (or at least me personally) have felt overwhelmed and wanted to quit at some point. Thank for ideas on how to help ourselves get over the hump!

  4. Thank you, I needed this more than you know. I love my niche and my blog, but I have yet to make a single cent. I feel like Im doing something incredibly wrong.

  5. Yup, sometimes it seems daily I want to give up on things but focusing on the positive is a good trick. Even if its something small.

  6. I am so fortunate to have a boyfriend that is SUPER supportive of me and my blog. He always gets me to snap out of my negative moments lol

  7. Some really great advice here! I think we all feel like quitting sometimes but remaining focused on why we started in the first place is a great idea. Thanks for sharing, Leanne x

  8. I love this!!!! I have felt like quitting so many times, but haven’t!!! 🙂

  9. Good to know I’m not alone! Being an entrepreneur can get frustrating at times, however going back to my WHY is key! Thanks babe

  10. I’m a new blogger and motivation is one of the hardest things to keep up. I find that giving myself a break and not comparing myself to others helps the most!

    • Ms. Weird Hacks

      I get depressed when I start comparing myself to others, so it’s something I try to avoid these days no matter how hard it is.

  11. This is good advice. I feel like quitting sometimes too. It gets too overwhelming sometimes and having some support system definitely helps. And remembering that you’re not alone in this also helps. Thanks for the encouragement.

  12. Great post. At some point or the other we all feel like quitting because the results are not as expected. A great read for those days when one feels like quitting. I am going to save it for future reference ☺

  13. Sometimes it’s good to take some time off and reset too!

  14. I couldn’t agree more. It it so easy to get down about blogging, but it is so important to remind yourself of the reason WHY you started blogging in the first place!! Great post for keeping fellow bloggers encouraged!

  15. Great post! I have found the Facebook groups to be so helpful. I’ve picked up so many tips from bloggers who have been around the block and their support keeps me energized.

  16. Wonderful advice! It’s definitely important to get down to the why when you want to quit something. Why do you want to quit and why did you start in the first place. Always helps to bring perspective 😊. And practising gratitude will never stear you wrong. Lovely post! Thank you for sharing your goodness!

  17. This is great advice! There are so many highs and lows to blogging–these are good reminders.

  18. Yes #5 and #7! Changing your mindset and knowing you’re not alone are so important (and they’re partially what my blog is about). When we focus on the good the bad doesn’t seem as big.

  19. Yes, I have recently felt like giving up on my blog and/or social media for my blog. It feels like an overwhelming amount to learn and I feel like social media is taking over my life (because I’m trying to get traffic) and making me feel less present. I don’t want to be glued to my phone or laptop, and just enjoy my life. I really needed to read this article today, thank You!

    • Ms. Weird Hacks

      Same here Melissa, keeping up with social media can become very exhausting.I am always on my phone, and I’m hoping it gets easier with time.

  20. Writing down you WHY is more powerful than people think! I actually just read a fact that said you’re 40% more likely to do something when you’ve written down that you’re going to do it. Thanks for the inspiring post!

  21. I think every blogger feels like quitting, but what keeps me motivated is that I have to remind myself that blogging success is a marathon, not a sprint.

  22. Great advice! I love returning to my why when I’m struggling. It helps me keep going and reminds me why I wanted to do this in the first place!

  23. Great suggestions for any time you fall into a rut!

  24. Thanks for the encouragement! I have ups and downs, and get really overwhelmed at times when I have so much I HAVE to do in addition to WANTING to blog! These are great tips.

  25. This is a great post really designed to guide someone through the steps to keep going! The fact you start off with the root immediately will help anyone struggling and reading this!

  26. I needed this! It’s like the Universe knew I needed this. SO MUCH. The Summer slump has me in a dump – traffic is stagnant and income isn’t growing and time is ticking (per usual). Thank You so much! I’ll hold on for another day! LOL

  27. Yes! I had some great success in June and July, but it was mainly due to a couple of posts. Now, traffic has fallen off and I have definitely contemplated quitting. You hear about the crazy success of some in such a short time and wonder whats wrong with you. But I’m persevering! And working on SEO…because social media is fickle. 🙂

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