467 Places To Promote Your Awesome Post

List of Tailwind tribes, Pinterest groups and Facebook groups to join and promote your post


My most recommended way of making a full-time income is through blogging and freelancing. Having a blog is just never enough to get the bills rolling, you will need some traffic (readers) to monetize your blog.

So, how can you get lots of traffic?

If you are beginner blogger, or you are short on funds to carry out paid ads, I recommend using the following methods;

-Pinterest Group Boards

-Tailwind Tribe

-Facebook Groups

How To Use Pinterest Group Boards To Grow Your Traffic

Pinterest sends millions of viewers to blogs monthly, and you can be amongst those receiving such juicy traffic if you strategize yourself properly. You have to put your content out at the right time and in front of your targeted audience.

By joining Pinterest group boards and using Tailwind scheduling tool, you will be able to put out your content in front of those who matter.

Pinterest group boards are boards on Pinterest that has more than one contributor. Anyone can create a board and turn it into a group board on Pinterest. in group boards; there are tons of contributors who will repin your content to their followers. Joining a group board is a sure-fire way of getting your content across millions of people. Pinterest group boards have been around for a very long time. I was able to get 16 email subscribers by promoting a quiz I made on just 2 group boards.

There are tons of boards in all niches available on Pinterest, and you will benefit more joining one in your niche. There is no point joining a DIY board when your blog niche is in finance. Get the drift?

How To Join Pinterest Group Boards

Once you have found a group board you will like to join, go over to the boards’ profile and see if the board owner is accepting contributors. If they are, you will see the instruction on how to join the group board. Most of the time, board admins ask potential contributors to send an email if they wish to be added to the group.

When sending an email to get a group board invite, it is ideal to craft a personalized email( I learned that the hard way). A sample message you could send is

subject:”Request To Join XXX (insert group board name)

Hello xxx( insert name of the admin or leave it blank}

I came across your group board and saw you are currently accepting contributors. I blog at www.xxx.com which focuses on blogging, social media tips, and internet marketing. I will love to be a contributor to your board. I followed the board and your profile. My Pinterest email is xxx@gmail.com, and my Pinterest URL is pinterest.com/xxxx. 

Best Regards,


Personalizing group board request emails works wonders. I was able to get invited to over ten boards in a week once I started sending personalized messages.

How To Make Pinterest Group Boards Work for you

Joining Pinterest group boards is just half of a circle. You would have to make it work for you to see some increased blog views. Most group boards have rules that you must follow to keep the board active. Personally, I spend a good amount of time pinning other people’s content than mine

Do not join a group board with the aim of spamming the board with your pins. Pinterest group boards are like communities; everyone helps each other. If you want people to repin your content, you have to repin others content.

I use Tailwind to schedule pins from other contributors to my group board then I manually pin my content to the group boards. Tailwind is the official Pinterest scheduling tool that makes pinning a whole lot easier. Although there are tons of Pinterest scheduling software out there, I prefer using Tailwind because I get to know the optimal time to pin my posts. If you Haven’t signed up for Tailwind, you can register here using this link and get a month free of scheduling pins. You get the opportunity to schedule 400 pins a month for free.

Ultimate List Of Pinterest  Group Boards 2017

This is a list of top Pinterest group boards that are still accepting contributors.


  1. -Bloggers Unite
  2. -Millennial Mindset
  3. -Big Travel Bucket list 
    Pinterest Viral Boards


Tailwind Tribes To Grow Your Blog

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool that enables you to schedule pins quickly. Tailwind tribes is a way to connect with other bloggers and promote your content quickly. In a tailwind tribe, there are tons of other members who share their pins and repin other people’s content. When joining a tailwind tribe, you should check the amount of activity for each tribe. You would gain better participating in a tribe with a decent amount of reshares and repins. Currently, tailwind tribes are free to join even if you do not use Tailwind.

Get one FREE month of Tailwind here

After participating in a tribe, you will see lots of pins on the tribe feed and all you have to do is repin anyone that interests you. Tailwind tribe is a community which will grow if you repin others content as much as you pin yours. There are lots of tailwind tribes out there that are looking for new tribe members.

I compiled a list of active Tribes accepting member. All you have to do is click on the link and join. Even though you aren’t using Tailwind, you can still join a Tailwind Tribe.

List Of 2017 Tailwind Tribes For Bloggers

  1. Style Tribe: Fashion & Beauty
  2. All Things Beautiful
  3. What Matters to Mommy
  4. Female Fashion Bloggers
  5. Lifestyle Bloggers
  6. Fashion by Bloggers
  7. XXXX


Using Facebook Groups To Grow Your Blog

Facebook groups are perfect for increasing traffic. The first blog I had, got around 200 page views a day from Facebook alone. Another blog I started on a controversial topic got 20k page views in two days from Facebook. If you use Facebook2 groups well, then you would see a noticeable spike in your views.

When you join a Facebook group, take out time to read the group rules, so you do not get removed. Most groups I belong to have a daily blog, Pinterest,  and favor thread where people can post their links. Facebook groups are communities, and like all communities, you would have to support other members. Do not spam the group with your links, but try to be active and engage with others links.

List Of 2017 Facebook Groups For  Bloggers

  1. The Como Blog Community
  2. Kid Blogger Network
  3. 3 Chicken Creative Ideas
  4. Family Travel Bloggers
  5. The Aspiring Travel Writer
  6. Blogging Homeschoolers
  7. XXXX



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